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Tools, Instruments for Travelers

You will require several essential tools, instruments during your trip. If you can get internet access, then many of these you will find useful during your trip. They can facilitate your planning process, some might even prove to be indispensable.

What we are most often interested in is the current and forecast weather, the currency exchange rates and spending planning.

A smart traveler has smart tools. You won't sit and type in currency exchange rates and make multiple operations for example, but will use an engine that directly transforms your amount from one type of money into the other.

Flux Travel brings you a number of embedded tools and also some connections to interesting websites.

Map Tools

Google Earth

The most handy map tool of any traveler!

Google Earth is a "must have" if you want perfect organization on your trip, then you will have to download this program and perhaps some .kmz add-ons as well to make it complete.

If you have a laptop, then this program will help you tremendously.

It is free and new versions are updated periodically to give you better satellite images of more and more regions...


Here are just some of the benefits:


real maps based on satellite photographs!

place names and street names even!

shows places of interest, including hotels, banks, restaurants, police stations, etc.

shows coordinates

built-in searcher helps you find even the smallest places (such as travel attractions)

support for 41 languages

periodical updates refresh the maps

add-on possibility (map overlays, modifications, even live weather services, etc.)

measure tool (line or path measures in km and mi)

customizable pushpins (you give them names, set their type and colour, etc.)



Download some of the most important Google Earth tools that we have highlighted for travelers.

In order to be able to use these files you must have Google Earth downloaded and installed first.


Here they are:


Europe Railway Map - overlay that draws the lines of European railways on the map of the countries that you select

Global Infrared Temperatures - covers about 2/3 of the globe and is useful in detecting possible storms, hurricanes

USA Current Temperatures - USA live temperature map in Fahrenheit by The Weather Channel

USA Current Road Conditions - The Weather Channel shows you a map with the condition of the main roads in the United States

USA Current Surface Winds - live map of the current winds in the USA by The Weather Channel

World Live Report - live weather map by the The Weather Channel in Fahrenheit and in Celsius temperatures, available for most countries in the World as overlay



Download the .kmz files from above by clicking on the links; the files can be opened with the Google Earth program that will thus be enhanced and have the respective function (e.g.. live weather report).

Travel Services


The AirTreks.com website allows multiple stop airline ticket booking online. With its flexible engine you will be able to put together an itinerary in a short amount of time.

As you see on the image on the left, they provide an interactive map where you can select the destinations you want to reach.

AirTreks allows you to put together trips starting from anywhere in the World and adding multiple stop-overs and a final destination which mustn't be the original departure place.

Especially for those of you who are in search for long range airline flight tickets with multiple stops or around the World airline tickets, this website will prove to be useful. Perhaps, even if you don't intend to buy airfare, it might be of use when planning the route, calculating the approximate prices.

The services offered are various, not only airline tickets, but also lodging, tours, etc. You will be able to complement your flight with whatever else you require.


Advantages of AirTreks:


comprehensive flash map with zoom-in function for easy route planning

eliminates the necessity of purchasing round-trip flight tickets

easy destination addition and elimination

addition of routes without dates and then calculation of the cheapest prices

overall lower fares than if you'd purchase from airlines or major online booking sites

Currency Conversion


Provides live currency exchange rate information and also contains a number of tools. Among them the most popular is the FX Converter, this one calculates rates for over 16 currencies.

It is a multilingual converter and uses daily OANDA RatesŪ, the touchstone foreign exchange rates used by corporations, tax authorities, auditing firms, and financial institutions. These filtered rates are based on information supplied by leading market data contributors.


With the XE currency conversion tool you can perform currency and foreign exchange calculations using live, mid-market rates. The Universal Currency ConverterŪ contains the top 85 currencies listing the top 10 first. Special units & precious metals are listed alphabetically and at the end. For every world currency, use the Full Universal Currency Converter. Learn about currency codes, or view our list of currency symbols.

Live Weather, Weather Report/Forecast


The site Weather.com shows live weather and also gives forecast for the next hours, weekend, 10 days and even up to a month!

Except the temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius, you are also able to see the UV index, the wind speed, the humidity level, the pressure level, the dew points, sunrise time, sunset time and visibility distance. 


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