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About Flux Travel

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Flux Travel wishes to connect the traveler with information and with websites that he or she wouldn't normally find by searching on search engines.

Travel guides, destination-related facts, currency conversion, interactive maps, online booking as well as many other services that are existent or we are planning to offer in the future will make your trips better!

We wish to become your primary source of travel information. In the future we will bring you more and better services as our website continuously grows.




Flux Travel is an independent website, as stated in our Disclaimer. We are not owned nor influenced by other websites, companies, therefore you can consider our content completely independent from the opinions and positions of other websites.

We are striving to give you accurate, up to date, unbiased travel information and also access to a number of useful travel service providers, whom we select according to our very strict rules and regulations.


Our experience in the field of online travel


FluxTravel.com has been put together after a long experience which dates back to the year 2001.

We have worked on multiple projects before and have had several partnerships in the online travel business with major airlines even.
















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