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How Seniors Can Save on Trips...

In recent times, we realized that most of the senior citizens love to travel for a relaxed vacation or short tour, especially after retirement. Hence itís become important to provide protection and security while they travel.


Many seniors refuse to sit in their homes and plan to travel the world. And I think most of us would follow this great idea once we this point in life.


Here are few safety tips for senior citizen travelling:


Before you leave, consult your doctor for a complete medical checkup. Ask the doctor about your diet and its impact if you are under medical treatment. It is important to know your health condition so that you can explore beyond limits while your tour

Learn the climate condition of the place you are traveling to. Senior citizen should pack their clothes depending on humidity or cold climatic conditions.

Along with your luggage, carry your prescription medications and first-aid kit with you on your trip.

Check with your travel agent for special tours meant only for senior citizens. Group traveling is fun and safe. It releases your fear and you have similar people around you to share your bits.

While traveling, senior would want to make frequent free calls. Now itís really simple to keep in touch by registering with any suitable international calling service. You will certainly enjoy various benefits and can hear your loves ones anytime.

When traveling abroad, it is always a good idea to carry a cell phone for communication, when possible. Getting a prepaid cell phone can help eliminate fees abroad as well as connect to networks in that country. With prepaid phone services, you have more control over your phone calls from abroad (like when calling home), you will not be afraid of increasing your bill.

Register with a short-term health insurance policy so that senior travelers may be protected from major expenses.

Avoid carrying expensive things such as jewelry or large amount of money while you travel. Keep your money in different places and spend from one corner at a time.

Ask your tour operator if you can get the benefit of wheelchair or any special requirement like portable oxygen concentrators if required on the flight or any time on the trip.

Avoid junk food and contaminated water. Always carry boiled water and eat only health food that too at hygienic outlets. This will lessen chances of food poisoning and microbial infections.

Check with your travel agency or Embassy for a list of doctors in the area of your visit. Learn the place around you, specially the hospitals, clinics and have a list of emergency numbers.

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