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Picking the Right Jet Seat Trip Planning


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Pick Your Seat the Smart Way!

Your airline seat is very important because you will sit in it all trip long, especially if it is a long haul flight, it will need to be well selected. Though, most airlines and travel agents don't allow you to pick your seat. It will be assigned to you and you'll be forced to accept it.


But there are various factors that need to be taken into account when selecting an airline seat, for instance: pitch, distance from lavatory, distance from the exit, etc. 


Let us take a look at the main aspects:


closeness to exit: always a good idea, in low cost airlines usually you can sit wherever you want, so take a seat close to the exit

sitting near emergency exit: if you can do this, then take the chance, but keep in mind that mostly single travelers are allowed to sit near this exit (these are not necessarily real doors, but rather parts of the aircraft wall that can be removed in case of emergency)

lavatory in the proximity: source of noise made by those entering and exiting

galley in the proximity: another source of noise, but also of smells

overhead TV proximity: some airlines (like Lufthansa, for example) still have overhead screens instead of LCD panels on the backs of front seats - this makes them harder to see and the further you are from the TV and the closer to the windows, the harder it will be for you to see what's going on


Useful websites that will help you pick the seat: Seat Maestro, Seat Guru.









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