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Picking the Right Hotel Trip Planning


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Find the Best Place to Stay

Depends on the following factors: hotel type, comfort level, safety, accessibility (location), room rate, hotel reviews & ratings


Check the following elements:


comfort level must be the one you need: if you need internet, ask if they have a connection and how much it will cost you if you use it; make sure hygiene is perfect, this is the most important thin

safety means several factors: if it's a 5 star hotel, it's less likely that someone will steal your bag while you're out in the city, but low budget hotels vary (you should never leave valuables alone, take them with you)...

hotel must be accessible: must not be far from the city center, because the trip to the hotspots will be complicated, confusing and costly

room rate: of course, most of us only look at the price and overlook the above 3 elements... usually, the lower the price, the worst the hotel stands at the above enumerated issues... but some high-end hotels might have problems too...

hotel reviews & ratings: check the reviews posted by travelers who have been to the hotel, it's advised to verify the reviews on several sites and than create yourself an image about the hotel (is it a hotel you can trust? does it have a good reputation?)


Booking online is great, but book as directly as possible. If you have the possibility to buy from the hotel directly, it's the cheapest option (usually).


If you are a student, then certain international student organization membership cards might save you money at the hotels that accept them.


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