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Trip Planning


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Be Smart, Plan Your Trip Efficiently!

You know that a lot depends on travel planning. The costs, the level of enjoyment, the itinerary and so on. One who learns to plan efficiently usually spends less, enjoys more and visits most attractions in a shorter amount of time. 

This part of Flux Travel focuses on everything that we believe is important to make a trip better. From all points of view. Regardless of who you are, where you want to travel to, how big your budget is and what your aims will be once you reach your destination, we stand behind you, helping you with useful tips, advice, information...

Put your trip together with our help & enjoy yourself!


Check the Articles, Tips, Advice that We Have to Offer...

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Ideas, tips regarding jet lag.


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Flying with Low Cost Airlines

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Guide to obtaining airline tickets for groups.


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Picking the Right Airline

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Picking the Right Jet Seat

This article is dedicated to selecting airline seats...


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