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Guide to Finding Student Airfares Trip Planning


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If You're a Student, Fly Cheaper... But How? Read Below!

We advise you to check specialized companies, such as STA Travel and Bookit.com, they offer airfares for students too. Other, additional travel services are also available.

Normally in the case of these agencies you will be asked to prove that you are an active member of a university or a recognized student organization.

Even more: some of these companies might ask you to become their member first. This might cost you a membership fee. After that you will be able to benefit from their services.

In some case, your student organization or university ID might be accepted by airlines. But don't count on it. Search for airlines that can bring you to your desired destination. And then check what they offer. If they give discounts to student travelers, then benefit from the opportunity. An good example for such an airline is United. They have a frequent flyer program.






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