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Flying with Low Cost Airlines Trip Planning


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About the "No Frills" Flights

We all know it can save you good amount of money, but what else should you know about the low fare carriers? There are some downsides as well, you know...

Despite the fact that they are so popular, people still fly the major carriers. It is for the following reasons:


poor comfort: cramped space and simple in-flight meals, little entertainment

few or no business travel services: there is a small number of business-specialized carriers that aim the corporate segment but the on board services and aircraft quality are far inferior to what you will find on the conventional business class

few connecting flights: with low fare carriers you will pretty much find only a single flight, usually no transfers are possible

flights are often late and cancellations frequent: this poses a major risk to those who attempt to take connecting flights

airports too far from cities and with poor connection: it will be hard to get to and from the airports, only the biggest ones frequented by low cost airlines have some average quality connection


Therefore when you travel with these "no frills carriers", you have to make sure you get good connection to the city and also, if you must take a connecting flight, then you have to be certain that there is more than enough time to get to the other airplane.


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