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Coping with Jet Lag Trip Planning


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Minimize the Unpleasant Effects of Long Haul Flying

It affects us all, but we can reduce its effect or even avoid it completely! How? Read our tips and you'll feel a lot better!

Here are several tips that should help you:


exercise regularly for at least 2 weeks before the trip

eat light foods, such as fruits and vegetables, less meat

don't drink alcohol prior to the flight

avoid caffeine-containing liquids prior to the flight

try adapting to the new time zone: 2-3 days before the trip try to rest more when there's night at your destination and try staying active at hours when it's daytime at your destination


In case of eating, adapting will be most difficult. You might feel hungry at night and might not be able to eat during daytime.

Try to get adapted during the first 2-3 days, otherwise your life at the new destination will be horrible and the trip will be ruined.


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