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How to Get a Cheap Hotel Room?

The online business offers tremendous opportunities for those of you in search for affordable hotels. If you're a backpacker, student or other low-budget traveler, then you must make sure you can shrink the expenses on accommodation as much as possible. But still keep account of your comfort, though.


How can you do that?

Well, we can give you a few practical tips. You might know some of them, but others might come in handy:


check the low cost airlines: often, these offer tremendously discounted prices...

check the partners of the low cost airlines: partner hotels/booking sites of the low cost airlines might offer you just what you need...

try to book the flight together with a hotel room: but first make sure they're both at good prices; then booking them together will often be cheaper (discounts)

last minute booking: good idea, but the "buy later and spend less" works mostly in the case of vacation destinations, such as Hawaii... but not in the case of places like London, where the demand is not that heavily affected by periodical tourism...

become a member of a student organization: some membership cards allow you discounts in hotels that accept them

religious travel: if you travel with religious groups, you might also obtain discounts, but the number of destinations is limited to just a few

travel in group: get your friends and family together and travel in larger groups 10-20 or more people and you might save some money

join a hotel agency: there are specialized travel sites that give bonuses to their members, thus reducing the cost per a night's rate

rent a timeshare from an owner: timeshare owners who can't use their week will rent them out for cheap.



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