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Top 5 Festivals to Attend in Thailand Travel Information


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Top 5 Festivals to Attend in Thailand

The country of Thailand is considered to be one of the most ideal tourism destinations in all of Asia. Home to stunning beaches, a rich culture and delicious cuisine, there is something for everyone who visits the incredible country. Although the year round warm weather means that tourists flock to Thailand throughout the year, some of the best times to visit are when there are special cultural or religious holidays and festivals. While these times might be more crowded and require booking in advance, especially for things like Phuket accommodation, the vibrant atmosphere and once in a lifetime experience will certainly be worth the extra effort. We also recommend you to check the local Expedia site (Thai version) for a full list of trendy local hotels.


Here are the top five festivals that take place each year in Thailand.

1. Makha Bucha: This religious festival is celebrated by Buddhists in Thailand. It commemorates the occasion when over a thousand people spontaneously gathered before Buddha and were granted spiritual clarity. Today the celebration involves Buddhists across the nation gathering at temples and other religious sites with lit candles, where they will walk around the building or structure three times clockwise. After this display they celebrate with a giant feast where visitors are often invited to participate.

2. King's Birthday: Every year on December fifth the Thai people celebrate the king's birthday as well as Father' day at the same time. As the king of Thailand is a respected patriarchal figure, it becomes a large celebration and festival. Nearly every home and building will be decorated by flags, portraits of the king and light displays. Residents celebrate with drinking and feasts. Head to the local parks where citizens gather for a fun and lighthearted gathering to commemorate the occasion.

3. Phuket International Blues Festival: The island of Phuket is home to this annual event that draws in music lovers from across the globe. Musicians and bands are from Thailand, Australia and the United States, performing on several stages at once over a long weekend celebration. Bars and nightclubs are especially busy during this time, and Phuket accommodation can fill up fast so it is recommended that international travelers book as far as possible in advance.

4. Songkran Festival: This is perhaps the most fun festival in Thailand, taking place in the middle of April each year. Songkran is the water festival that commemorated the Thai New Year celebrations. Water is used to bless families, friends and loved ones, so expect to get wet during this fun time. Most businesses are closed and residents are out in the streets throwing water balloons, at the beach and splashing passersby in order to bring them luck.

5. Bun Bagn Fai Rocket Festival: This Thai festival takes place in the town of Yasothon every May, and international travelers as well as local Thais from elsewhere in the country travel to be a part of the festivities. Food and drink are feasted upon while rockets are shot up into the air to persuade the gods to send down rain in what is traditionally the drier part of the year.


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