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Complete Travel Destination Guides

Go through our guides and discover that we offer you details that other guide sites won't.

Flux Travel takes a deeper look at the destinations by treating all main issues that travelers are interested in (attractions, transportation, facts, maps) and we will even share more with you!

Benefits of our guides include:


short presentation to get a general idea of the destination

photographs of the places

in-depth facts (statistics and facts regarding population, religions, languages, currencies, voltage systems, economic data etc.)

interactive map

detailed presentation of the cities, towns, villages and their main attractions

transportation possibilities info

travel risks & precautions section

interesting things to know about the country/region (rare information)





Country Travel Guides


Explore our travel destination guides and you will get more than elsewhere on the internet!~

Our pages are complete with information about attractions, activities, transportation, detailed facts, interactive map and further information that you will not find on other sites!


Cuba Travel GuideCuba Travel Guide

This relatively isolated country will make you feel like you're back in time with its well-preserved "yank tank" car park and old Spanish colonial architecture.

Cuba is a place where you can get an infusion of energy that you won't feel elsewhere!

To find out about Cuba, just consult our comprehensive guide!


Portugal Travel GuidePortugal Travel Guide

Europe's southwestern most country is a popular summer travel destination and it even has 2 exotic island archipelagos: the Madeira Islands and the Azores Islands.

Portugal is renowned for its wines, fortresses from the dark ages, intact old neighbourhoods, typical Portuguese churches from the colonial era, nightlife and sports life!


France Travel GuideFrance Travel Guide

Famous for its fine wines and rich cultural heritage. In fact... speaking of France... we cannot think of a cultural travel destination more famous than France! It's rich, it's well conserved and there are many ways to get there.

France is an icon of romantic travel, cultural getaways, but also a great place for hiking and luxury travel.

In this guide we are going deep into the attractions, transportation possibilities and various other opportunities!


Greece Travel GuideGreece Travel Guide

Was the place where western civilization had appeared and the bases of European philosophy, mathematics, architecture and warfare were laid down.

Today, this country on the southern tips of the Balkans is a warm Mediterranean destination with sunny beaches, ancient ruins and renowned gastronomy.


Guatemala Travel GuideGuatemala Travel Guide

Located in Central America, this small country hides many attractions just waiting to be discovered...

Its icon is the ruined city of Tikal, left behind by the great Mayas...

Guatemala is a country with warm people, plenty of country life and spectacular landscapes. If you have thought about visiting Guatemala, then make sure you have a good guide to unveil it in front of you! Check our guide!


Brazil Travel GuideBrazil Travel Guide

Needs little introduction...

It's the happy country that we all know with its beaches, carnivals, dances and exotic wildlife.

But there's even more to Brazil than just that! And Flux Travel's guide will take you where other guides won't! Deeper into the attractions, transportation possibilities, concrete facts and so much more!


Norway Travel GuideNorway Travel Guide

Norway is Europe's northernmost country with a solid strong economy and high life standards. It's nevertheless an expensive destination.

If you wish to visit Norway, then Flux Travel will be your guide to the land of fjords, reindeer and thriving small fishing towns.


Hong Kong Travel GuideHong Kong Travel Guide

A small country-city with lots of skyscrapers and green mountains. Hong Kong's colourful life will charm you when there... Besides the hypermodern infrastructure, there is also cultural life, temples and Buddha statues and it's also a great place for shopping due to large selection of products and low prices!



Hungary Travel GuideHungary Travel Guide

Unique country, unique culture. Small, yet with many attractions and rich cultural heritage.

Hungary is has thriving cultural life, beautiful old architecture in its cities, fine wines, famous spicy gastronomy and a boasting capital (Budapest) with scenic views!

Plan ahead well and learn about this country, it's worth visiting Hungary, trust our guide!


Japan Travel GuideJapan Travel Guide

The "Land of the Rising Sun" is an economical and technological great power, but unfortunately to most tourists it still remains a mystery... Not many people get the chance to visit this wonderful dreamlike country.

Japan is another World, a dream, some might say, a country that is truly Asian, but has something in it that doesn't resemble anything on this Earth!


Peru Travel GuidePeru Travel Guide

Perhaps the most famous Andean country...

Peru has them all: rainforests, high mountains, deserts, seaside, lakes, rivers, a growing big city (Lima) and most importantly rich history dating back thousands of years.

If you would like to visit the lands that were once the heartland of the mighty Inca Empire, then consult out guide!


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