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Here, under this part of Flux Travel you will obtain information necessary for your trip.

You will find travel guides that have more details than any other online travel guide you have seen. We are constantly improving them, keeping the information up to date, adding more to them periodically.

You will also be able to access articles about interesting travel-related subjects.

Whether you are a young enthusiastic student who is searching for budget travel opportunities or a senior traveler, a backpacker, a business traveler or any other category of traveler, be certain that we always have something for you under this section!





Travel Guides


The internet has plenty of travel guides to offer, but only our guides are complete with the details and main aspects of visiting each country/region. Of course, the service is free and further developments, updates take part from time to time.


France Travel Guide

France Travel Guide

Famous for its fine wines and rich cultural heritage. In fact... speaking of France... we cannot think of a cultural travel destination more famous than France! It's rich, it's well conserved and there are many ways to get there.

France is an icon of romantic travel, cultural getaways, but also a great place for hiking and luxury travel.

In this guide we are going deep into the attractions, transportation possibilities and various other opportunities!


Guatemala Travel Guide

Guatemala Travel Guide

Located in Central America, this small country hides many attractions just waiting to be discovered...

Its icon is the ruined city of Tikal, left behind by the great Mayas...

Guatemala is a country with warm people, plenty of country life and spectacular landscapes. If you have thought about visiting Guatemala, then make sure you have a good guide to unveil it in front of you! Check our guide!


Brazil Travel Guide

Brazil Travel Guide

Needs little introduction...

It's the happy country that we all know with its beaches, carnivals, dances and exotic wildlife.

But there's even more to Brazil than just that! And Flux Travel's guide will take you where other guides won't! Deeper into the attractions, transportation possibilities, concrete facts and so much more!


Norway Travel Guide

Norway Travel Guide

Norway is Europe's northernmost country with a solid strong economy and high life standards. It's nevertheless an expensive destination.

If you wish to visit Norway, then Flux Travel will be your guide to the land of fjords, reindeer and thriving small fishing towns.


Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Travel Guide

A small country-city with lots of skyscrapers and green mountains. Hong Kong's colourful life will charm you when there... Besides the hypermodern infrastructure, there is also cultural life, temples and Buddha statues and it's also a great place for shopping due to large selection of products and low prices!

Check this guide and you will know more about Hong Kong!


Hungary Travel Guide

Hungary Travel Guide

Unique country, unique culture. Small, yet with many attractions and rich cultural heritage.

Hungary is has thriving cultural life, beautiful old architecture in its cities, fine wines, famous spicy gastronomy and a boasting capital (Budapest) with scenic views!

Plan ahead well and learn about this country, it's worth visiting Hungary, trust our guide!


Japan Travel Guide

Japan Travel Guide

The "Land of the Rising Sun" is an economical and technological great power, but unfortunately to most tourists it still remains a mystery... Not many people get the chance to visit this wonderful dreamlike country.

Japan is another World, a dream, some might say, a country that is truly Asian, but has something in it that doesn't resemble anything on this Earth!


Peru Travel Guide

Peru Travel Guide

Perhaps the most famous Andean country...

Peru has them all: rainforests, high mountains, deserts, seaside, lakes, rivers, a growing big city (Lima) and most importantly rich history dating back thousands of years.

If you would like to visit the lands that were once the heartland of the mighty Inca Empire, then consult out guide!


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Key Travel Issues that Might Concern You

Maui On The Fly: The Ultimate Must-do List For Any Short Trip

Comprehensive guide to the notorious scenic island of Maui in the form of a suggested itinerary.

This article takes you around Maui, highlighting the main places you can visit during a 3 day trip.


Travel Guide to Maui: Maui Has Something To Offer In Every Direction

Discover the exciting parts of Hawaii's most famous island, Maui.

This guide provides concrete details about what to see and where to go on each major part of the island (there are 5 major geographic areas on Maui).


Munich Travel Guide

One of Germany's biggest cities and the biggest one in the German state of Bavaria.
Check out this comprehensive guide to the city and find out what to see and do, what to eat and drink and more!


Frequent Flyer Programs

Find out about them. If you join a frequent flyer program, you will spend less on your flights. But you'd have to be a frequent flyer to benefit...


Spain Travel Guide

One of Europe's most attractive countries has them all: Sun and fun, it's a great shopping paradise and has a vibrant culture.
Spain needs little presentation, but just in case you're curious, check this guide!


Economy Class Syndrome (DVT)

A disease caused by travelling a lot on economy class. Very dangerous. But how can you prevent it? Find out in this article.


Air Travel Rules & Regulations

This article gave give some information to first time flyers about the air travel rules, regulations.


Charter Flights

Information about this category of flights is included in the article.


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