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Economy Class Syndrome Travel Information


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How to Prevent Blood Circulation Problems on Flights

It refers to deep vein thrombosis, also called DVT. It occurs to people with poor blood circulation. It is very dangerous and specialists state that if one travels a lot by air and sits in cramped places, moves little and drinks little, then DVT can occur. Some passengers who got DVT or "economy class syndrome" even went as far as to sue the air transporters for not offering adequate flying conditions. In extreme cases, DVT can lead to amputations. People who consume alcohol and are obese are more exposed to this dangerous illness.


Some say that the fear around the so-called "economy class syndrome" is overexaggerated, but frequently flying travelers and those of you who have poor blood circulation, sitting in a cramped place can certainly cause a major problem.

For elderly people and those with blood circulation and cardiac problems DVT is a possible threat and precautions need to be taken.


This problem can be avoided if you take the following precautions:


drink as many liquids on board, but avoid alcohol

move around from time to time within the aircraft: it is not allowed for everyone to walk back and forth all the time, you will be allowed to go to the toilet and back

wear soft, comfortable shoes

take your shoes off, move your feet from time to time



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