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About Charter Flights...

You might hear the term "charter" often and still not sure what it exactly means.

If this is the case, then this small article might shed some light on the issue.


Charter flights are not scheduled, therefore they are not operated according to a fixed schedule for a longer period of time, but are rather temporarily flown.

Another characteristic is that charters are usually flown in partnership with a second party, such as a travel agency that hires the airline jet to carry passengers to a selected destination. Charter flights are usually operated to holiday destinations. Some charters are flown in the winter, others in the warmer months.


Opposite of charter are the scheduled flights.

You might not know if a flight is charter or scheduled. Nowadays chartered planes often fly according to a fixed schedule, therefore sort of a "mix" between charter and scheduled can be observed... But this is not a general rule either.

A negative characteristic of charter is that it is usually economy class or even low cost and is less comfortable than scheduled. But there is a positive aspect as well: charter is cheaper!





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