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Air Travel Rules & Regulations Travel Information


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What You Need to Know about Air Travel Rules Before Flying

If you are a first time flyer or if a lot of time has passed since you have last flown, you need to check the air travel rules, which means: check the regulations of your departure airport, your destination airport and the rules of your airline.


Basically the following issues will affect your trip and are essential to be taken into account:


maximum luggage allowance: size limits and weight limits, generally you need to have 20 kg max., if you exceed the limit, you will have to pay heavy prices for each kg

maximum hand luggage size: varies from airline to airline, but generally a small backpack can be taken on board, sometimes even a second luggage

security regulations: very strict rules and depend on the country and airline, make sure you verify these before you bring anything in your luggage that is prohibited

travel documents: visa, passport; some countries don't even require a passport to enter (for instance if you are an EU citizen, you can travel from country to country with the personal government-issued id); some medical documents, such as proof of vaccination might be necessary to those travelling to regions of high risk


A useful tip: always use luggage tags, so that in case your luggage gets lost, you can get it back easier!






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