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Finding a Topic, Article on a Certain Subject

How do you find a material on a certain subject that you are interested in?


Our site is built around a logical structure, which means you can easily find what you are looking for if you follow a path.

The main buttons under the site logo on top of the page will send you to the main sections of the site, under them you will find a number of subsections.

You can navigate even between subsections, due to existing connections based on relevancy.


Contents of main sections


Here's what each one of our sections contains...



Contains reviews of online booking sites in order to help you choose easier and purchase the services you need.

Travel Directory

Collection of well selected travel websites (only the best ones make it here!) listed under categories. You can navigate between related categories within the matrix-structure.

Travel Information

Includes articles of multiple interesting travel subjects, such as health and travel services and it also contains in-depth travel guides.

Trip Planning

Helps you plan your trips by offering useful advice and information, for instance about travelling possibilities, opportunities for reducing trip costs, etc.

Useful Tools

Contains a number of interesting tools, such as currency converter, etc. - these will help you even during your trip, not only when planning it.


Access resources that are built up by real travelers who have actually stayed at the hotels, have flown with the airlines, etc.

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Created for the traveler who feels a bit bored and would like to have some fun.


How can I list my site on Flux Travel?


For complete information we advise you to check the "Advertise Here!" section.

You can advertise in-context within selected articles or in the Travel Directory.


Can I contribute to the content of this site?


Yes, you can! We are open to suggestions, therefore we encourage you to contact us!



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