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Disclaimer Regarding Flux Travel's Activity

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Flux Travel is an informative travel portal. We are not a travel agency, nor any other entity that sells travel services.

The content of FluxTravel.com should be regarded as purely informative.


Services Offered


We offer travel information and access to other travel-related sites. The latter includes redirecting visitors to 3rd parties where they might have the possibility to purchase services and/or goods.


No Responsibility Regarding Other Sites


We are not responsible for the price, quality, content, whatsoever regarding the services and/or goods sold by websites accessible from FluxTravel.com.

We are not responsible for the functionality, content and/or services offered by the websites accessible through FluxTravel.com. Should you encounter inadequate content on websites accessible from FluxTravel.com, we ask you to report it to us. In case we find the reported website in breach of our regulations, we will suspend it or permanently remove it, if we consider necessary.

We are not responsible for information published in the name of Flux Travel or FluxTravel.com on other sources than the site www.fluxtravel.com.




Flux Travel has partnerships with other websites, such as travel agencies, travel portals, search engines, etc., yet FluxTravel.com is an independent website and not the subsidiary nor under the ownership of any other company (e.g. travel agency), website that sells travel services.

















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