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Tikal (Guatemala) Travel Directory

Tikal (Guatemala) Travel Directory

This Maya city is the primary attraction of Guatemala.

You mustn't miss it, it's one of the most magical ancient archaeological sites on Earth. There are people who travel to Guatemala primarily to see Tikal.

This city was in its peak in the period between 200 and 900 AD, but after that it had gradually degraded. The reasons are still debated, subject of speculations.

The site is impressive, some of the pyramids rise over 70 m in height. The views are beautiful, but it is dangerous and difficult to climb the temples. Tikal was used for footages in the film Star Wars. In the movie it appears as a location on another planet.

Tikal is best to visit in group. We recommend you to book for a group tour. But, if you rent a car, then that could also be a good idea. You could stay at nearby hotels or jungle lodges.




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