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San José (Costa Rica) Travel Directory

San José (Costa Rica) Travel Directory

The beautiful Costa Rica's capital called San José is a city of slightly under 400.000, but with a metropolitan area 4 times as populous, reaching over 1,6 million.

The city is located very high, at over 1.100 m above sea level. This gives you reason to put more accent on getting used to it by staying several days in the capital resting rather and putting little physical effort in order to cope better with the atmospherical conditions when you go on a hike, adventure travel trip.

Temperatures in Costa Rica are equilibrated. You will find few countries with such a symmetry. Most of the time the temperature is around 24-27 degrees Celsius. All year round. But, the precipitation varies strongly. The rainy season in and around San José is between May and November. Outside of that it is the best period for traveling. January and February are the best months with the least precipitation.

Many airline companies fly to San José, you will find connections easily from the USA, Central and South America.


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Gran Hotel Costa Rica

Hotel in San José, Costa Rica

Gran Hotel Costa Rica - San José

We are Costa Rica's only government-declared historical and architectural landmark hotel.

Location: San José, the Costa Rican capital. Just a short walk away from the main attractions.

Search online and book directly on our website for quality accommodation.

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