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Roma/Rome (Italy) Travel Directory

Roma/Rome (Italy) Travel Directory

As we know, the political capital of Italy, also the location where the World's tiniest state is found: the Vatican.

The mighty Roman Empire once thrived from Rome as its center, which was the point where it started out.

Today the city combines old and modern architecture, it acts as a magnet for lovers, business travelers, backpacker students, families who arrive to visit it.

Italy's capital is a boasting city where many rich live and is also home to a large number of immigrants who have arrived there to hope for a better life.

Even though during World War II the city was assaulted by foreign armies and was bombarded, it did manage to maintain much of its architectural heritage. Museums, art galleries, ancient Roman ruins (such as the colosseum), medieval buildings and renaissance, baroque styles are all found in this big city.

You might have seen the famous Trevi Fountain in movies. It's a famous meeting place for lovers.


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Rome is called "The Eternal City", an ancient big city that is eternally beautiful... In an area of just a few square kilometers there is a large number of historical and artistical attractions, as well as luxury hotels are found... Use ItalyTraveler.com for online booking to quality hotels in the Italian capital.

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