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Michigan, state (U.S.A.) Travel Directory

Michigan (state) Travel Directory

It is considered a Midwestern state of the U.S.A., despite the fact that its geographical location is rather northeastern.
Michigan is the 8th most populous state in the country and one that has a high number of inland lakes, about 65.000 and the biggest lake is the gigantic Lake Michigan. It is said that nobody in Michigan is further than 10 km (6 mi) from a natural water body and no more than 140,3 km (87.2 mi) from the Great Lakes coastline.

The capital is Lansing, but the biggest city is the automobile industry giant Detroit.

Other big cities include: Grand Rapids, Dearborn, Sterling Heights...

Total population is of 10 million and there's a significant number of Germans, English, Irish and Polish Americans. The African American population is smaller here than in the southeastern U.S.A. and is only 14,2 %.




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World Travel Guide - Michigan

The northern state of Michigan lies near the Great Lakes and offers great urban and wildlife travel opportunities. Find out about them at WorldTravels.com.

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