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Madeira Islands (Portugal) Travel Directory

Madeira Islands (Portugal) Travel Directory

This archipelago is closer to Africa than to Europe, yet the islands belong to Portugal.

Madeira has autonomy, meaning that the islands are self-governed, but are still part of the Portuguese state.

The islands comprise of several groups of islands, the largest island is Madeira, where the capital of Funchal is located, then there is Porto Santo and the Islas Desertas. The latter ones are officially uninhabited. Only sometimes travelers, groups of scientists sail to them and visit them.

Madeira is the big island with most attractions. Ancient 600 year-old churches, fortresses, old Portuguese houses, local wines, botanical and flower gardens, spectacular mountainous landscapes with deep green forests await you.

The Porto Santo Island also has an airport, but differs from Madeira because it has white sandy beaches, less forests and smaller population, but more youngsters visit it.

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Starberry World Tours - Madeira Trips

Strawberry World Tours - Madeira Tours

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Madeira - Travel Portal

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