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Kentucky, state (U.S.A.) Travel Directory

Kentucky (state) Travel Directory

Kentucky is located in the East Central U.S.A., but some consider it as part of the Midwest. "Bluegrass State" is the nickname of Kentucky...

What can you do in Kentucky? Well, the state is well known for its country-lifestyle. That means everything from country music to whiskey, horse riding included! Kentucky has the largest number of per capita turkeys and deer in the U.S.A. Louisville is its most populated city that has a wonderful skyline, especially at night.

Mammoth Cave National Park is one of the main attractions of the state. It has been famous for hundreds of years, it's where the renowned "Bottomless Pit" is located.

You could get in to the largest city of Louisville and from there drive around the state... Kentucky is a state that you can visit in a few days, it has an area of 104.659 sq km (40,409 sq mi), you can drive across it in 4-5 hours (depending on the direction, speed and stops, of course).

A number of rivers and lakes (both artificial and natural) ensure resources of fresh water and for the travelers more opportunities: visiting, camping will recharge your batteries.




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Kentucky Tourism

Kentucky Tourism

Kentucky Tourism

The official Kentucky tourism site provides you with the details that every enthusiastic traveler needs to know about the "Unbridled Spirit" - the state of Kentucky. The land of the free, the fresh air, the joy, the place where you can feel true freedom!

Use our web portal for accessing travel information and you with our help you will have the trip of a lifetime!

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World Travels - Kentucky

Starting with an overview, this guide takes you through the main aspects of Kentucky tourism. Places you should see, events to attend and activities to enjoy.

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