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Indiana, state (U.S.A.) Travel Directory

Indiana (state) Travel Directory

Indiana is located between Illinois (in the west, Michigan and lake Michigan in the north, Ohio on the east, Kentucky in the south).
Perhaps this state is most famous for its infrastructure and major sports events (basketball, American Football, motorcycle and car races first of all).

Most of the state is flat farmland and the roads offer good connection between places, you will easily find your way if you are driving.

The state of Indiana is one of the least mixed from ethnic and racial point of view: 90,13 % are white and only 8,91 % African American, about 2 % Latinos, Asians, etc. Polish people are the biggest ethnic minority living here (3 % of the population), of course that a variety of Anglo-Saxons are the vast majority.




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Your guide to the state of Indiana. See maps, find restaurants and discover attractions, find out about interesting events. Indiana.com is at your disposal for information.

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Real Adventures - Indiana

RealAdventures.com lists a large number of travel agents and their services, accommodation facilities in the state of Indiana, U.S.A. in order to help your selection.

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