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Climbing Travel Directory

Climbing Directory

Climbing is only for the experienced. It is a slow and difficult sport with many hidden dangers. Yet, this sport has its own beauty, just like many others. Some of words associated with this domain are: mountaineering, bouldering (refers to climbing large rocks, boulders).

You can practice to climb indoors on artificial walls or go outdoors. Or if you are an expert than you might be interested in increasing the list of rocks, cliffs, mountains you have climbed and might be looking for a travel agent that organizes great trips...

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Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing Magazine

Rock Climbing Magazine

The magazine of all climbers.

Find information about routes, equipment, find photos, see photos and videos and even search for climbing partners with the interactive built-in tool.

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All Climbing

Access the portal that's all about climbing. Find information, discover new products, interact! We let you know about good climbing spots, also let you know about the news.

Inclusion date: August 5, 2008

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