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California, state (U.S.A.) Travel Directory

California (state) Travel Directory

With over 35 million people living in here, California is the most populous state in the USA.

We all know about Hollywood, the movie industry, the celebrities, Malibu and the luxury... They needn't be presented. But how is the rest of California? Our directory puts you in contact with whatever California has to offer to visitors.

Deserts, beaches, mountainous terrain for hikers, city tours, luxury travel opportunities and a lot more...

California is the state of subtropical forests, arid deserts, large cities, such as Los Angeles, small quiet desert towns, natural reserves and the list could go on forever. You get almost anything when in this part of the US!

But because most travelers are in hurry and expenses need to be on budget, we are here to help you connect with the most important travel agents, informational sites and so on. Flux Travel lends you hand to help you choose. If you would like to help others choose, then contribute by suggesting a resource to this page!




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Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association

Shasta Cascade

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association

In far Northern California lies one of the best kept secrets – the Shasta Cascade region! This region, covering 20% of California, has a unique experience to fulfill just about anyone’s interests. From glistening lakes and world-class rivers to scenic drives and backcountry roads, the Shasta Cascade provides something for everyone to discover and enjoy. Your vacation in our region can provide great recreation, adventure or pure relaxation – the perfect escape from the fast pace of city life. Come and enjoy the uncrowded, unspoiled wide open spaces where you will have the chance to Explore, Reflect, Refresh, Discover and Bond.

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Zephyr - White Water Rafting

Rely on our experience since 1973 and take a wild boat trip with us down the rapid rivers of California!

Inclusion date: April 10, 2009

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