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Recommendations Regarding Accommodation

If you don't want to lose your money in a luxury accommodation, then you could also ask for a affordable services, including cheaper hotels, because accommodation is the services that consumes that largest amount of our funds during travel.

Some of us have limited budgets and need to carefully plan our trips. Therefore we recommend you to scan the opportunities by using the resources that we recommend to you. We believe travel should be afforable to anyone!



Why Roomer Should Be Your First Choice For Big Discounts On Hotel Rooms


Vacations always involve budget constraints. Well, at least for the most of us. We end up taking trips far less often than we’d like. We go local even though we would like to go overseas. And sometimes we make the mistake of booking cheap hotel rooms, which turn out to look nothing like they did in the photos.

Quality hotels never come cheap. When you think you've found a luxury cheap hotel, you're in for a surprise. Unless, there is a reason why the hotel room is cheap...


Someone else's cloud has a silver lining... for you!


We all feel nothing but sympathy for those travelers whose plans get ruined. After all, we’ve all been there. Days before a vacation, an important business deal comes through, and you just cannot leave. You cancel your flights, and phone the hotel to tell them you won’t be coming.

They thank you for letting them know, but explain that the booking was non-refundable.

This happens to millions of people, all the time. Every day, in the U.S. alone, 220 000 hotel reservations are cancelled! When you take that to a global level, the numbers can’t be comprehended.

The advantage is, however, that some of these hotel rooms are now available for sale. And they can be yours.



Buy your hotel room from someone who can’t use theirs

Roomer has come up with the a way to recycle hotel rooms that would otherwise be left vacant. The idea is surprisingly simple. When someone has to cancel a trip, they lose all their money on their non-refundable booking, unless, they sell it at a discount rate to travelers that are looking for a good deal will take the booking off their hands.

That’s the basis for Roomer's travel-marketplace, where we finally found cheap, high quality hotel rooms. Roomer advises sellers to sell their bookings at a 50% discount, but there are discounts that reach over 80%. You'll find some of the best prices at their last minute deals page.


Everyone benefits...


Not only do you and the seller gain, the hotels benefit as well. Although they have a no refunds policy in place - and therefore get their rates regardless - hotels lose a lot of revenue from the extra services they provide. And, they lose the chance to get a good review. Also, their reputations may be at risk if they're not full - smaller hotels especially.


Roomer actually partners with a range of hotels, which makes it easier for them to facilitate the best deals, and offer discounts on rooms that haven’t been sold.


Efficient, secure, and hassle-free


One of the great things about Roomer’s service is that the buyer and seller never have to deal with each other. It’s not for you to verify the seller’s legitimacy, or to hand over or transfer the money directly.


They use an automated authentication system, to ensure that what you've been promised is what you're going to get. This also means that the hotel itself cannot mislead you - something that unfortunately happens relatively often when using online bookings.


Better trips, more often...


There’s a reason that once you use a “recycled” hotel room, that’s how you'll always travel. Not only does it save you money, it allows you to go on bigger, better vacations for less. And, in the long term, you'll be able to go away more and more often, without having to first save up for months or years.


It seems almost wasteful to not take advantage of other people’s cancelled plans. After all, a paid for hotel room is going to sit vacant while you stay home due to budget constraints.


When you’re thinking about taking a trip, Roomer should be your first port of call. You'll get the best discounts, without compromising on the quality.

















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