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Travel Directory Advertising Solutions

Features of our directory:


easily accessible categorized pages: just a click away from the "Welcome" page are the most popular categories, the others maximum 2-3 clicks away only!

quality content & well selected sites: not just a collection of links, but pages with interconnections, images, short articles

long, detailed description, multiple quick links

matrix structure: all relevant pages can be accessed from each other, the directory is not built on the typical hierarchy model, but on a matrix model


You will have the possibility to get single deep links listed or even buy the most effective multiple link-allowing premium listings.

You can also get listed under multiple relevant directory categories.


Premium Travel Directory Listing

Looks like this (only larger):


Characteristics of Premium listings:


site name (large title on the label, not linked)

title link (site name + 4 keywords max)

long description of max.800 characters

banner (234x60 format with alt text and linked to main page)

3 quick links

yearly or permanent listing possibility


Standard Travel Directory Listing

Looks like this (only larger):


Characteristics of Standard listings:


title link (site name + 3 keywords) pointing to main page or single deep link

medium description of 250 characters

yearly or permanent listing possibility


Article Listings

Some of the best clients can arrive to you from articles with related subject to yours!

Our prices vary, but basically you can obtain any text link in any of the articles accessible under the following categories:


Travel Information

Trip Planning

Request a Listing? Contact Us!

If you would like to obtain a listing, you can either opt-in for a yearly one or a permanent one.

Simply contact us!


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