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A Single Travel Portal Packs All You Need!

Flux Travel is a general travel portal that is constructing itself around key travel issues instead of commercial services.

We are not trying to convince you to buy any travel service. Flux Travel wants to offer more detailed information to the travel than is already available, we also want to go deeper into the domain of online travel, into issues where no other site has gone before.

We offer you detailed travel destination guides, trip planning advice, we also identify useful tools that are out there on the internet and you should know about, we also provide you access to a large number of well selected travel sites!

And there's even more... You will find new opportunities and resources if you check us out!


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Flux Travel

1 - Comprehensive in-depth travel guides

You will see more details about destinations on our site than on most other similar resources...


2 - Matrix-structured travel directory

We analyze, review websites and only the very best make it into our directory, which is built on a matrix-structure, instead of the conventional less efficient tree structure. Our structure also allows navigation sideways, not just down and you can also cross-navigate between different categories that are somehow related.


3 - Trip planning advice and complementary information

Free advice, useful information that will help you be more efficient, spend less and take more care of your health and security.


4 - Category-relevant advertising solutions

We offer powerful travel directory listings and contextual listings for quality travel sites.


5 - Constantly growing & improving platform and contents!



Interesting Information about Destinations and other Travel-Related Issues




Cuba Guide

If you travel to Cuba, you feel like you have taken a leap back into the past.

We all know the typical Cuban streets, colored houses and half a century-old cars...

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Hungary Guide

This small, yet culturally, rich country has given so much to the World you will be surprised!

Hungary is famous for its unique culture and low prices...

Read more 



Japan Guide

The "Land of the Rising Sun" is one of the least known great destinations.

Yet, Japan has numerous hidden attractions that you will not even hear about on TV...

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Techniques, ideas, tips for finding a cheap hotel room

Travelers with small budgets need to do more than simply search for published low hotel rates. There are techniques that can further reduce the cost of a room. For instance, there are booking agencies offering discounts for members...

Low cost airlines: opportunities, advantages, disadvantages

We are taking a look at the positive and negative aspects of low cost flying. There are some great opportunities and also some problems that you can find out about...

Advice for finding the cheapest airfares

Are you sure that you are doing enough in order to reduce the price of your flights? There are a number of things that most travelers have never heard about...

How should you pick the best airline seat?

Most of us don't care, but if you are smart, you will! Find the best airline seat with seat map helper sites. Comfort, safety, views are all important factors...

How to improve your in-flight comfort

We tell you ways to make your flights more comfy...

Spend less on business class flights

Even those of us who usually fly on economy class can do something to get great bargain business class airfare...

Pick the right airline for your flight

If you have the possibility to select your air carrier, then you'd better do this for your comfort, safety, budget, etc...


Portugal Guide

Hundreds of years ago the Portuguese have spread colonies on almost every continent.

Find out about how this famous, but little country is today, rely on our guide...

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Hong Kong Guide

Again part of China, Hong Kong is colourful as ever and thriving without any impediments. When there, you will enjoy the beautiful skyline, the temples, the restaurants and more...

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Greece Guide

Considered by many to be the birthplace of modern European culture, Greece is one of the most visited European countries.

Find out about where to go and what to do in Greece...

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Travel Directory

Flux Travel runs a comprehensive and rich constantly growing travel directory with a matrix structure. This means that the user can navigate horizontally as well, unlike in the case of the tree structure, which only allows from top to lower branch navigation.

The directory contains short travel guides, connections to other related pages within Flux Travel, such as travel guides.

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